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Imagine someone’s face, start hitting.

Speed bag is my bitch, but I love her so.

I’m really loving the boxing since I started 3 months ago. I go 3 days a week and long for it on the other 4. It’s like dancing, requiring both rhythm and a certain focused interaction. It’s a toss up whether I sweat more salsa dancing or boxing.

The first couple months I was trained by Angelo (an unfortunate carbon copy of my ex…distracting to say the least), but now his wife Cary teaches. She’s about 100 pounds of fury and female empowerment.

Honestly, I think I can credit this little place a block away from my apartment with saving my sanity in the last 3 months. And save for a few self-inflicted scrapes on my knuckles, my mother should be happy to know there isn’t any direct contact with any other human beings during this process (so far).

But when there is, will you come to my prize fight? 🙂


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I have a Groupon* problem.

Every day I get those “harmless” little emails in my inbox – Bloomspot, Groupon, LivingSocial, Spreebird – and for a few brief moments in the morning, my head goes wild with a discussion about the true meaning of need vs. want.  They really prey on the parts of me that both love trying new things AND get mild to moderately turned on by a good deal.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered from bits and pieces over the years in this blog, I am an explorer.  The base of triathlon has stuck around for about 5 years, but things have woven in and out throughout that time – salsa dancing, tango, Spanish lessons, surfing, p90x, yoga, my upcoming bit part in The Vagina Monologues, and even art using pastels for a short stint.  If I had unlimited funds and time, I would do even more.  Kite surfing is on the list for the summer.

I like to dip my toe in the water of different pools, to push myself, dabble, and test.  And BONUS if I can do it for under market price.  I could care less about the latest purse or shoes, but the opportunity to take a writing class, do a 15 hour race, or practice yoga on a surfboard?  Si, Senor.  And don’t get me started on my history of random jobs and certifications.  You can just call me AthenaJessofalltrades. If I could design my ideal job, it would be “professional hobbyist” or perhaps C-level Dabbler (working on it).

You can probably see why I’m Groupon’s ideal customer.

So a few days ago I found the sweet spot of Groupons – a very well-priced, block-away-from-home, athletic adventure/new skill, contained to a one-month period, and involving beating some ass.   Click.  Click.  Purchased.  Couldn’t help myself.  Got 3 friends to join me.


I had been wanting to harness some aggression lately and maybe I used the Secret to make this deal to come along.

It starts March 18th, runs for 4 weeks, and involves hitting people.  I have a feeling that this will be something I can really sink my Athena paws into, which by the way will be slid into super adorbs pink boxing gloves.  Now now…don’t worry about me hurting my pretty face, my moneymaker.  I have heard stories of my grandpa being a pretty solid boxer in his day, built for power as opposed to endurance…sound familiar?  I’m ready to defend the temple!

Aaaaaaand….There’s swag!


I wish I was lying when I say that I labored for about 15 minutes over which of the 4 colors (red, pink, blue, black) I should pick for my hand wraps.  I went with black to match the pink gloves, which were the only clear option.

I know the pink doesn’t look super tough, but I chose it because of my mom’s breast cancer battle and I can think of no better reason to hit HARD.

My favorite is the little mini boxing glove. 

It’s deadlier than it looks. 

2013-03-13_17-20-38_617 Behind the scenes magic:
Yes, I did hit myself about 30 times with a mini boxing glove until the picture came out the way I wanted.

*Groupon is to discount/group deal sites what Kleenex is to tissue.  It is the catch-all term for “daily ways to spend money on things that I didn’t think I needed until I saw them posted in a beautiful well-marketed email in my inescapable yahoo inbox.”

**I really wanted to title this post “Jewhammed Ali”.  But I was afraid it would be misinterpreted.

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