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Imagine someone’s face, start hitting.

Speed bag is my bitch, but I love her so.

I’m really loving the boxing since I started 3 months ago. I go 3 days a week and long for it on the other 4. It’s like dancing, requiring both rhythm and a certain focused interaction. It’s a toss up whether I sweat more salsa dancing or boxing.

The first couple months I was trained by Angelo (an unfortunate carbon copy of my ex…distracting to say the least), but now his wife Cary teaches. She’s about 100 pounds of fury and female empowerment.

Honestly, I think I can credit this little place a block away from my apartment with saving my sanity in the last 3 months. And save for a few self-inflicted scrapes on my knuckles, my mother should be happy to know there isn’t any direct contact with any other human beings during this process (so far).

But when there is, will you come to my prize fight? 🙂


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