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…Ocean swim, that is.

Psychotherapy, life coaching, holistic healing, seminars, self-help books, yoga, gurus….all viable and wonderful forms of nurturing and  healing.

And then there’s ocean swimming.

  • Free.
  • Good for your pores; better for your mind.
  • Dolphins (often) included.
  • Literally and figuratively cleansing.

There’s magic and a meditative space a few hundred yards offshore, removed from all the heavy meaning and pressures that arise when you have 2 feet on the ground.   I struggle to meditate on land.  In the ocean, it just washes over me.

We had our first team ocean swim yesterday, which also happened to be my first since my race in June.  As usual, my amnesic memory had me less than excited about the cold, the sand, the early call time.   And as usual, the apathy quickly shifted once I got out there playing in the waves with our participants, a few bodysurfing dolphins (which freaked out some of the new people), and one ornery sea lion (https://www.facebook.com/tower26leon).  Even as overcast and cold as it was, it was worth every minute, even the time spent doing battle with the neoprene.

To add to the experience, my role as a team captain had me chaperoning a newer and virgin ocean swimmer through the workout.  He was nervous, but cautiously enjoyed himself as we slowly ducked and bobbed in the big blue.  In a weird way, not being able to cling to lane lines seemed to spark his confidence and he came out of the water glowing and proud…and ready to do it again.  Every swim is a new baptism.  I need to remember this when I’m fighting to get out of bed in the morning.

No health insurance?

Need some perspective?

Want to get away?

Love krill?
Well then you’re probably a baleen whale and live there anyway.

A few pics of the day:

<—-Reluctantly back in the rubber



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